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    Open State Project
    FCC License View API and Dataset
    Consumer Broadband Test API
    Transparency Data
    New York City Baby Name Data
    The New York State Senate Open Legislation Service
    The Supreme Court Database
    OpenCongress API
    LittleSis API Raw Data
    MAPLight Bill Positions API
    White House 2 API
    Party Time Data Pack
    The New York Times New York State Legislature API
    California VoterConnect Geographic Political Data Repository API
    New York Times Congress API Ruby Wrapper with Congresh Shell
    Enron Email Mailbox PST Dataset
    FARAdb: Foreign Agent Registration Act Database
    Capitol Words API
    Mobile Commons Legislative Lookup API
    USDA Economic Research Service Datasets
    The New York Times Congress API
    The New York Times Campaign Finance API
    World Bank API
    New Zealand Legislation Scorecard Data
    Notices from the London Gazette
    UK Neighbourhood Statistics API
    U.S. Copyright Renewal Records
    National Center for Health Statistics Data Warehouse
    U.S. Lobbying Databases
    IRS Income Tax Data Special Interest Categories and Bill Research
    Bureau of Labor Statistics
    Civic Footprint API
    Who Is My Representative API
    Rhode Island GovTracker API
    MAPLight Candidates Financial Summary API
    Taxpayers for Common Sense Congressional Earmark Database API
    Project Vote Smart API
    Doing Business: Full Data
    TheyWorkForYou API
    Parliament Parser
    Statistical Abstract of the United States
    Law Commons
    CIA World Factbook
    New Zealand Hansard
    United Kingdom Hansard
    Legislative Council of California Bill Index
    U.S. Federal Election Commission Campaign Finance Data
    San Francisco Building Permit Activity
    Follow the Money API
    SunlightLabs API
    Open Secrets
    The Public Whip Data: British MP Voting Records
    Washington, D.C. Citywide Data Warehouse
    GovTrack Government Activity Data