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    Reddit Article Voting Data Donated by Users
    Unofficial Hacker News API
    Reddit Article Voting Data
    Cornell Movie Review Data
    Slashdot Zoo
    Music Recommendation Datasets
    Delicious Folksonomy Dataset: September 2009
    Delicious Folksonomy Dataset: 2007-2008
    Social Media Datasets
    Social Tagging of Wikipedia Articles
    DeliciousT140 Dataset
    Social Bookmarking Data
    Chronicling America API
    Wikipedia Page Traffic Statistics
    The New York Times Best Sellers API
    Discogs API
    The New York Times Article Search API API
    The New York Times Movie Reviews API
    Songs Sampled in Girl Talk's 'Feed the Animals'
    LibraryThing Web Services API
    Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN) API
    BBC Backstage: Feeds & APIs
    LibraryThing Books API
    Freebase Data Dumps
    U.S. Copyright Renewal Records
    BookMooch API
    Star Wars Kid Data Dump
    Open Library API
    Amazon ISBN Similarity Graph
    Stanford Copyright Renewal Database
    Metafilter Infodump
    Network Datasets Compiled by Mark Newman
    White Glove Tracking Dataset
    Netflix Prize
    Frequent Itemset Mining Dataset Repository
    Oscar-nominated Movie Piracy Data